The Ajam Media Collective is an online space devoted to documenting and analyzing cultural, social, and political trends in the diverse Iranian, Central Asian, and Diaspora communities. We unite authors from various backgrounds and disciplines to promote diverse critical views of the region and seek to emphasize the region’s importance as a thriving cultural center whose multiple realities are too often obscured by the popular Western and global media.

Ajam MC offers a unique perspective on contemporary and historical issues in the region through informed analysis of culture and society. It is a platform for discussion of the past, present, and future, because in order to understand the here and now, we must have a strong sense of what has come before. Ajam Media Collective also serves as a semi-scholarly resource by engaging with academics, activists, and students of the region and providing access to contemporary debates and research in fields ranging from Literature to Gender Studies and from Cinema to Urban Geography and beyond.

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