Where does the Ajam Digital Archive get its stuff from?

You. Simple as that. You send us collections of (or individual) photographs, documents, or other artifacts, and we work with you to organize, curate, and publish them. You can even publish anonymously.

What kind of media does the Ajam Digital Archive accept?

Honestly, almost anything.

Family Treasures – letters, journals, official documents like marriage contracts, birth and death certificates.
Travel Memorabilia – tickets, postcards, photo albums, video reels.
Schools and Education – report cards, honors and awards, school notebooks, class pictures.
Business Documents – contracts, business cards, other items.
Religious Life – recordings, prayer materials.
Printed Papers – posters, pamphlets, magazines.

Why Ajam Digital Archive?

This is what we do. In the few years we’ve been on the net, we’ve been sharing a different side of the region than what you usually see in media. We’ve done it through articles, photo essays, mixtapes, and you’ve loved it all. Now, we figure we can try something new, and what better than an archive, where history buffs, researchers, and bored people on the web can gather in their fascination in all things Ajam.

I want to contribute.

Great. Let’s get to it. Fill out this form, and then send us an email at with your own photographs of the items. We’ll send you an email with instructions on how to move forward. We might want to see and photograph your submissions in person, which is why we ask for your current location.

This sounds great!

We completely agree! We’re excited about your excitement. And about the archive, too.